Our History


Zeke productions is lead by Mauricio Battistella, a talented musician, producer. engineer and songwriter. In 1998 Zeke production began it's first classical guitar composition.


Since 1998, Mauricio Battistella began his first composition and it was not pop music. He had studied classical guitar for many years and it was a high school exam that forced him to create his first song. He enjoyed the process of creating that he decided to pursue this as a career.


In 2003, Mauricio established Zeke Productions and has been producing under that name ever since. After years of producing and having worked with Urban Music Award nominated artists, Mauricio dove into scoring for TV and Movies. Mauricio was able to break into that market and now has credits for TV shows such as "Fat Pizza' and 'Swift & Shift Couriers' in Australia just to name a few. Mauricio's attention to detail is what makes every song hit it's fullest potential.


In 2011, Zeke Productions moved to New York City and to date has worked with numerous local artist and producers.

Our Expertise


Zeke productions believe in keeping up with the latest technology. If you snooze you loose.

Keeping up with the latest technology is vital to any producer who wants to make a name for themselves, even if you like the old sound. Technology changes so quickly that you need to always stay on top of it or you will always be behind the 8 ball. Zeke productions has avast selection of technology at its disposal, that it is the main reason why we can produce top quality music.

Our Commitment


Zeke Productions understands that not all artists have a million dollar budget and are doing it tough. We are here to help!

We have many options to choose from. From leasing beats to creating FULL ALBUM's! Whatever your budget is we can help you. Check out our list of songs on our music page.


Do you may have music that needs to be mixed or a song that just needs to be mastered, we can help and stay within your budget. Check out our services page for more details.