Upload Song

How to upload your sessions

  1. Create a zip or rar file

  2. name the zip file in the following format. artistname - song.zip for example; Zeke - Bullet.zip

  3. Click 'Select Files' link above or drag your zip file into the grey area and wait for transfer to complete

Note: After transferring file(s) please allow 24-48hrs for a confirmation email of received files from our engineers. After payment is processed we will start on your project. Turn around time is 2-7 days.

How to Prepare Your Mix Session

To help us get you the best quality for your music, please follow these few simple steps before you submit your tracks:

  • Ensure that the mix down is not clipping, and avoid using normalization, compressor, EQ, or limiter on the master bus (master fader).


  • Make sure the peaks are not louder then -6db.


  • Avoid using compression, normalization, EQ, or limiter on the master bus (that's the master fader).

  • Set the dithering to “None”.


  • You can Submit the following session folders for mixing:

    • Protools Sessions

    • Reaper Sessions

    • Abelton Sessions

    • Logic Sessions


All other session will simply need to export all of your tracks to WAV 44.1khz 24BIT. Then zip up all of the files and proceed to uploading.


  • Include the following information with your submission:

    • Artist Name

    • Track Title

    • BPM (if possible)