Mixing Services


We now offer online mixing services. Just select the package you want (Small, Medium or Large) click 'Buy Now' and upload your tracks. It's that simple.

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Why you need a good mix?


In today's music industry you need to sound professional, even if you are on a small budget your music needs to sound like a million dollar record. You do not want your mix to be so loud that it is distorting and clipping and you do no want it so soft no-one can hear it.


When mixing it doesn't matter what genre you are doing you are always looking for the perfect balance and depth for your song to sound just right - sometimes this is the hardest thing to achieve. This is why we provide online mixing. An affordable, fast way to get your song sounding professionally mixed.


All Packages include the following:

EQ, Compression, Effects (Reverb & Delay), Vocal pitch correction, analog summing, MP3 and WAV files.


PLUS FREE Mastering


Digital Mixing vs Analog Mixing


Digital Mixing or 'in the box' mixing refers to mixing using computer software plugins in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Analog Mixing is when you use external hardware such as an 1176 compressor to compress different instruments. Both are a great way to mix and both would give different results depending on the genre.


We are a hybrid studio, this means we you book an online mixing session with us we use both digital mixing and analog mixing techniques to get the best results. Our online mixing service comes with 2 revisions to make sure you are happy with the end results.

No. of revision = 2

Max No. Stems = 8

No. of revision = 2

No. of revision = 2

Max No. Stems = 64

Max No. Stems = 32


Per Song



Per Song


Per Song



Choose Your Plan

No. of Stems

Vocal pitch correction

No. of Revisions

EQ & Compression








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Contact Us for pricing.

Analog Summing

Free Mastering

MP3 or WAV


*Album Discount %