Services We Offer


Whether you need music for your lyrics, a theme song for your youtube channel or add a little sparkle to your music we can help you.



We are now offering online mixing as a service to everyone. Previously we have mixed for other artists, producers, singer/songwriters and hobbyists through our network only. But now we have expanded to offer mixing online too. Certain requirements are needed for this service so we can provide the best sound for your music.


Visit our Mixing page for more information or Contact us to find out more about our custom options.



Need music for your lyrics? Why not lease a beat with us. Not to sound like captain obvious but we make music here. Actually, we make all kinds of music here from Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Rock, Latin music and anything in between. So whatever you are into we got you covered. Check out some examples of our music here and if you do hear something you like lease a beat today and get instant delivery.


Don't like anything you hear, that's fine too - Contact us and we'll make something for you.



Do you have a song that you love but doesn't quite sound like your favorite artists latest hit?? Maybe all you need is that magic fairy dust? Or you can try our online mastering service.


We have that fairy dust you seek, our online mastering service makes it easy for us to help you with getting that song sounding like a hit. We have worked with many artists to get that sound they are looking for.


Visit our Mastering page or Contact us to find out more.