Lease a Beat vs Exclusive Beat License

Whats the difference?

At least once a week I will get an email about this and even though I try to explain it as clear as possible in our FAQ page, it still can be confusing. There is a big difference between leasing a beat and buying an exclusive beat. The difference is simple, lease a beat and you only have the rights to use the beat in a limited capacity. Buy an exclusive beat and you can use the instrumental with unlimited capacity. Plain and simple

Lease a Beat....

Leasing a beat is a win win situation for artists and music producers. Artist's can get music for their upcoming EP, DEMO or LP quicker and cheaper than hiring a music producer to make a custom beat for them. The music producer can lease beats to multiple people and earn an income from their catalog. As long as the producer does not sell the beat exclusively then the producer will have to remove that song from the catalog of beats for lease. This isn't just limited to hip hop beats or rap beats, you can lease beats from all kinds of genre's, house beats, rnb beats, pop beats even latin beats. Each producer will try to stay competitive so you are guaranteed to get high quality beat leases. Our leases usually come in the form of an MP3 and are available for downloading instantly after payment.

Exclusive Beats...

The benefits of buying an exclusive license is that you will own the sole rights for using that beat and take that beat of the market. The producer will not be able to lease that beat again but this of course comes at a price.

If you, the artist, have a big fan base and are generating sales of your latest song or album, then you want to buy the exclusive rights. The exclusive beat will not only protect you against lawsuits but will be beneficial for your music careers. Most producers will sell exclusive beats to you so you can own the rights. Our exclusive beats will be sent to you all tracked out individually, for exmple, kick track, snare track, bass track etc. in a WAV format giving you the highest quality of audio available. This way you can get your song mixed and mastered with yours (or your record labels) favourite mixing and mastering engineer.

Check out our music page for our beats for lease and sale.

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