Mastering: How to submit your songs

Since our launch of our online mastering services, we have had a lot of positive response to it and we have had more new clients and new artist trying out our services. For a lot of people mastering is a dark art that only wizards from a far and mysterious world only do. What most people don't know that is important that the song that you send to your mastering engineer is ready to be mastered and that you have supplied the best possible quality to the mastering engineer. Here are 5 tips on how to send your mixed song to us or any other mastering engineer.

Tip 1#

Ensure that the mix down is not clipping, and avoid using normalization, compressor, EQ, or limiter on the master bus (master fader).

Tip 2# Make sure the peaks on the master bust are in between -3db. This will leave room for mastering processes etc

Tip 3# When bouncing your song from your DAW to a stereo file, make sure you set the dithering to “None”. Tip 4#

For best results, always submit the best quality stereo audio file. our suggestion would be 24bit WAV file or higher (e.g. 32bit or 64bit) of your mixed song. Tip 5#

Include your 'Artist Name' 'Track Title' and if possible the 'BPM of your song. Include a song reference with your submission that way your mastering engineer can get a feel of what you are going for.

If you can remember these tips while mixing, it will make your life easier when it comes to sending your songs to get mastered. If you would like to have your music mastered by us go to

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